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 About Us
The Mushroomery is a family-owned, certified organic mushroom farm located in the foothills of the Oregon Cascade Mountains. We grow gourmet and medicinal mushrooms, create mushroom powders, package dried mushrooms, and assemble several 'grow your own' indoor and outdoor mushroom kits. 
We also harvest wild mushrooms throughout the year in the Oregon Cascade and Coastal Mountain ranges.
We (Dustin Olsen and Jennifer Macone) started our farm in 2004 out of love for eating mushrooms, wild harvesting them and providing our community with mushrooms. 
 Our Licenses and Certifications
Certified Organic: We are certified organic through Oregon Tilth/USDA. All of our cultivated, dried mushrooms, mushroom powders, grow-at-home kits and wild-harvested mushrooms (except morels) are certified organic. 
Licensed Kitchen: We have a kitchen that is certified by the Oregon Department Of Agriculture for processing mushrooms. 
Scales: All of our scales are licensed by the Oregon Department Of Agriculture and are inspected annually for accuracy.
Wild Harvesting Permits: We obtain annual commercial wild harvesting permits through the Siuslaw and Willamette National Forests.
Youtube videos: Gardening with mushrooms and a peek inside our farm. Interview and footage of the Corvallis farmers' market. Growing mushrooms in your backyard. Overview of our farm in the early stages. Farm tour. Cultivating mushrooms at our farm.
Online articles: Feasting on wild mushrooms, including a delicious recipe. Wild mushrooms near the Willamette Valley. About farm interns and volunteers. Cultivating Oregon Fungi: A Day at Lebanon's The Mushroomery. Great article about our farm, start on page 34. Tips on preserving mushrooms for good eating. 
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