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Commonly Asked Questions

Can I eat mushrooms raw? 
Fresh, dried and powdered mushrooms should always be cooked. Mushrooms' cell walls are mostly made of chitin, which is the same material shellfishes' exoskeletons are made of. Our stomachs have a hard time breaking down chitin, so mushrooms are largely indigestible raw. Heat breaks down the chitin in mushrooms' cell walls and allows us to access the vitamins and nutrients in mushrooms.

Do we offer farm tours or classes?
At this time we are not offering farm tours or classes. It takes all of our time to grow, gather and process all of these beautiful mushrooms.

How do we certify our wild mushrooms as organic?
We work with the National Forest botanist to ensure the areas we are harvesting wild mushrooms have not been treat with chemicals. 


Do we ship fresh mushrooms?
No, we only ship dried mushroom products and grow-at-home mushroom kits. 


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